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Raise Awareness For Homeless Animals And Support Your Local Shelter Plan a Mission to raise awareness for homeless animals – Mutt-i-grees.

Cultivate compassion with community leaders, engage fellow students and earn recognition by taking action to help shelter animals. Impact adoption by spreading the word on the importance of rescue. You can plan an event, create videos, produce PSA’s, take to social media and fuel the conversation! Whatever you do, it’s Mission Muttigrees!

This versatile service-learning component of the Mutt-i-grees® Curriculum encourages activism, teaches event planning, marketing strategy, sponsorship skills and volunteerism in students of any age – 5 to 101! An experiential component that provides a means to cultivate caring and compassionate future leaders while teaching 21st-century skills. Working together, students and teachers develop ideas and bring them to life in their school, library, museum – their community. The overall goals are to help kids connect emotionally and intellectually on the plight of homeless animals. While raising awareness of pet overpopulation and the importance of pet adoption it encourage volunteerism at a young age while having fun learning!

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Two Schools, One Mission: Rescue Shelter Pets

What happens when two schools hundreds of miles apart have a passion for animal rescue? When a shelter in North Carolina was overcrowded and cats and dogs faced the threat of euthanasia these students took action! For their equally important roles in a recent humane relocation transport, first place is shared by two schools. - Read more

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