Shelter pets need love and compassion. Most of them have been through rough times, have lost owners, or have been abandoned. Raising awareness is a necessity and could help save animals’ lives. Homeless animals rely on donations and the kindness in order to get by and find their loving forever home. Clinton Public Schools in conjunction with Mutt-i-grees Pet Adoption Centers® conducted several projects to help homeless animals. 

The students created a Public Service Announcement for Mission Mutt-i-grees portraying the importance of loving and nurturing shelter pets and the impact dogs can have in the classroom. In February, the students held a fundraiser successfully raising $300 for the purchase of pet food for their local shelter in addition to running a food drive that was held throughout the month. They also visited Spay and Neuter Your Pets (SNYP) to raise awareness on the importance of spay and neuter to control pet population and end euthanasia. In addition, they bathed dogs to get them ready for North Shore Animal League America’s Tour For Life community adoption event.