“It allows libraries to be a place to learn and explore as well, and it is fairly easy to implement the ideas, while still allowing for personal creativity.” – Martha Boksenbaum


Mutt-i-grees and Long Island, NY, Libraries

Connecting students with their community.

Gardiner Library Loves Mutt-i-grees!

This library uses the Mutt-i-grees Curriculum to help children build self-awareness and learn the unique traits of themselves by learning about their own unique traits of shelter dogs.

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Mutt-i-grees in the Library Features

As we wrote the library application for the Curriculum, we realized that libraries — whether in the neighborhood or part of a school — vary in size, resources, and demographics, as well as reflect the communities they serve. So we designed the Curriculum’s library kit as a guide and inspiration that libraries can customize to meet the needs, characteristics, and interests of their constituents. The kit features imaginative strategies and materials to engage children, teens, and families, using books, activities, crafts, and stories that impart the principles of social-emotional learning while addressing the issues affecting homeless animals. Some libraries have the Mutt-i-grees puppet in circulation; some feature books about shelter dogs. Often, librarians collaborate with local animal shelters and use Mutt-i-grees in the Library with middle school and high school patrons or as part of their afterschool programming.

Librarians using Mutt-i-grees programming select from a range of other activities and ideas, which often spark other ideas. Many of our suggested activities provide librarians with ideas to modify or adapt existing programs to incorporate the Mutt-i-grees themes. Other activities lend themselves to ongoing programming that frequently leads to group efforts, like our M.UT.T.S Clubs. These clubs give members a chance to see that their compassion, leadership, and talents can make a difference in the lives of pets and the people who love them.

Each kit includes the following:

  • 25 comprehensive activity plans

  • Vocabulary and key words (in English and Spanish)

  • Discussion prompts

  • Recommended readings and resources

  • Stretching and breathing exercises

  • Templates and worksheets

  • Letters to engage families (in English and Spanish)

  • Snapshots of animal welfare issues

  • Suggestions for family and community involvement

  • Opportunities for creative expression

  • Service learning activities

  • Plush dog puppet

  • Backpack

  • Posters and signage

Read our brochure and learn more about how the Mutt-i-grees Curriculum creates calm, confident, caring students!

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