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Mutt-i-grees in the Library

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Guided by research on social-emotional learning and human-animal interaction, Mutt-i-grees in the Library is tailored to the needs and interests of librarians and their communities. Currently implemented in libraries across the county and in Canada, this application emphasizes literacy and vocabulary while encouraging empathy and compassion with lessons and activities that benefit children’s cognitive, social-emotional, and physical health. It features ideas for contests, service-learning for kids and teens, clubs, summer reading challenges, and special events that raise awareness of shelter animals. It also provides suggestions for hands-on activities, including crafts and yoga, as well as an extensive bibliography of material about shelter animals. Live animals are not necessary for successful implementation.


Special Benefits

  • Actively engage children, teens, and families with fun, interactive programming that stimulates a lifelong love of reading and learning
  • Increase circulation and library patronage
  • Highlight the public library’s importance as a community center
  • Encourage compassion and empathy in staff and patrons
  • Increase awareness and desirability of shelter pets
  • Discover opportunities for family involvement, community connections, and school-library collaboration

What’s Inside?

  • A complete binder with program plans and ideas
  • Hands-on activities – role play, games, creative expression
  • Colorful poster
  • Plush dog and cat puppets
  • Backpack


All applications of our Curriculum are organized around five themes that reflect key principles of social and emotional learning and resiliency. Each theme consists of five core-based lessons, starting with basic concepts (such as identifying one’s own feelings) and progressing to more complex ones (such as taking another’s perspective). By design, concepts are reinforced across themes and incorporate both repetition and expansion.

  • Achieving Awareness
  • Finding Feelings
  • Encouraging Empathy
  • Cultivating Cooperation
  • Dealing with Decisions

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