Grades 7, 8 (Digital Access Only)

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Grades 7, 8 (Digital Access Only)


Early adolescence is a tumultuous time. Mood swings, risk-taking, and academic challenges can take a toll on self-esteem. Today’s kids have the added pressures and opportunities of social media. This kit presents a wide range tools to help students cope and grow. Teen years are also a period of increased awareness of societal and ethical issues. More and more, young people hope to “be the change” they want to see in the world. The Curriculum’s emphasis on volunteering and advocating for shelter animals provides a positive way for teens to impact the world around them.


Digital Lessons

  • Digital version of every lesson included in the printed binder
  • Interactive presentations to use on your whiteboard, generating lively discussions and whole class interaction
  • Links to videos and external sites that expand the breadth and depth of lessons
  • Online games and activities
  • Online crafts
  • Digital lessons can be shared with up to 5 other colleagues – this can be done in MY ACCOUNT


All applications of our Curriculum are organized around five themes that reflect key principles of social and emotional learning and resiliency. Each theme consists of five core-based lessons, starting with basic concepts (such as identifying one’s own feelings) and progressing to more complex ones (such as taking another’s perspective). By design, concepts are reinforced across themes and incorporate both repetition and expansion.

  • Achieving Awareness
  • Finding Feelings
  • Encouraging Empathy
  • Cultivating Cooperation
  • Dealing with Decisions

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