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The newest addition to the program is Muttigrees At Home, designed to help busy families become more aware, confident, and effective. Inspired by the growing body of research on the benefits of pet-based activities, Muttigrees At Home centers on the same five themes that inform the entire Curriculum: Achieving Awareness, Finding Feelings, Encouraging Empathy, Cultivating Cooperation, and Dealing with Decisions. One reason Mutt-i-grees At Home is so effective is its use of daily routines — in the morning, at mealtime, in the car, and at bedtime — as valuable teaching moments. A very popular feature of this application is Yip Tips, a series short, fun activities that adapt to all kinds of real-life situations. Live animals are not necessary for successful implementation.

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Here’s a great Yip Tip example: What I Like About You …A-Z Ask each family member to say something they like or admire about the person next to them that starts with successive letters of the alphabet. The first person uses an A, second child uses a B, and so on. It can be a physical trait or a behavior they like or admire. Or start at Z and go backwards.

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