It is no secret that dogs are man’s best friend. Dogs help keep us active, they teach us compassion and empathy and can even help with emotional issues. It is not uncommon to see a therapy dog in public and putting dogs in the classroom to help students is becoming even more common. John Siracuse, principal of PS596 in the Bronx, and National Student Ambassador, Jaydon Holloman, went above and beyond for Mission Mutt-i-grees.

Combining Jaydon’s passion for rescue and comedy, he organized a special Mutt-i-grees Curriculum Day at his school. PS596 hosted Comedian, TV personality and producer Brian Balthazar while he visited Jaydon, his class and the Mutt-i-grees School Dog Izzy to have a conversation about rescue pets. Brian learned from the students how Izzy helps them feel calm and happy. He witnessed how Izzy helps them to cultivate empathy and open up to speak about their feelings. Principal John Siracuse shared their passion for Mutt-i-grees and its positive impact on the students with hundreds of his fellow educators. Who would think to combine comedy and rescue? Jaydon did! Both he and Mr. Balthazar shared their passion for laughter as a relief to stress and anxiety.