Happy Halloween from the Mutt-i-grees team! Remember that not all pets like being dressed up for the holiday, so respect what makes your pet partner comfortable! Check out Lesson 4.5, R-E-S-P-E-C-T, from the grade 4 and 5 curriculum for more ways you can teach trust and respect in your classroom!

Lessons in this theme focus on helping children learn how to ask for help, improve listening skills, and work together as a team. These skills promote communication and cooperation. Lessons in this theme use Mutt-i-grees® to demonstrate how the relationship between children and pets involves mutual trust, respect, and affection.

Trust and respect are integral to healthy and supportive relationships; a more thorough understanding of these concepts will strengthen communication and relationship skills. This will also promote appreciation of diversity and enhance children’s ability to work effectively as a member of a group or team.

Try it yourself with this activity: Earning the Trust of People and Dogs.

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