Abraham Lincoln in Brooklyn is not your average high school. Upstairs there is a room filled with animals, and not just your usual class pets. In addition to hamsters and gerbils, you’ll find ferrets, chickens, turtles, and more. The school has its own pre-veterinary program and the students to go along with it. The students are enthusiastic about the program, many of whom plan to pursue a career in veterinary science.

It only makes sense these students were eager to visit the North Shore Animal League America campus. As a part of the Mutt-i-grees Curriculum, the students of Abraham Lincoln High School came to North Shore Animal League America for a one-day internship, where they had a hands-on look at the various departments of the organization. After a tour of the outside of the campus, the students broke into groups where they visited departments such as medical, where they were able to see animal surgery in action and everything that goes into preparing for it. They also were able to take a look into what goes into animal intake with shelter medical and got a hands-on experience washing a puppy when they visited the grooming department. In the shelter, students met some of the adorable dogs and puppies up for adoption and even got a chance to check out some of the free roaming cat rooms up in Bianca’s Furry Friends. Finally, the students spent some time with a behaviorist who explained the temperament of animals and how North Shore Animal League America pairs people with the perfect animal for them.

The students finished the one-day internship with bright eyes and full of smiles, amazed at all the career opportunities at an animal welfare organization. They came to the campus to learn technical skills and left with knowledge of the loving process from rescue to adoption that each animal goes through. Many of the students expressed their interest in veterinary medicine afterwards and their determination to pursue the career path. The Abraham Lincoln high school students were excited to announce that they would be attending a North Shore Animal League America adoption event in their home neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

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