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Help Shelter Pets!

October is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Month. Even if you cannot bring a new dog or cat into your home, there are lots of ways you can help shelter pets. Shelters are always in need of toys for their rescued animals. Especially, our beloved mischievous felines who’s curiosity drives them to bat, toss - Read more

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You Have a Rescue Dog, Now What? Tips for Schools with a Mutt-i-grees Dog – Part 2 of 3

Mutt-i-grees School Dog Lessons Curriculum Target: Achieving Awareness Understanding and Helping Ourselves and Others: Working together to take positive action and create win-wins for everyone! Students will learn about the plight of shelter dogs and understand how they can help homeless animals and themselves by working with their - Read more

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Keep Your Resolutions this Year

Research says that only 8 percent of even the most determined Americans keep their New Year’s resolutions. Think about it: The salad has barely wilted … and we’re ordering french fries. Why? There are lots of reasons, but experts agree that chief among them is a lack of social support. Going it alone almost - Read more

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Meet them in St. Louis Purina joins Mutt-i-grees® Ambassador Tyler Saal to make a lifesaving difference

As the director of Paws On Wellness, a St. Louis-based pet therapy program, Marion Endress has always known that animals have a lot to teach us. So when she discovered the Mutt-i-grees Curriculum, she felt right at home. Coordinating her efforts with our friends at Purina, she brought the Curriculum to Hancock Place Elementary - Read more

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Inside an Animal Shelter

It's always busy inside an animal shelter. At North Shore Animal League America, their trainers, rescue associates and adoption counselors are hard at work everyday making sure that the pets are receiving the necessary attention and care until they are matched with the right family for adoption.

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