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Teacher of the Month: Kathleen Lewis

This month’s featured teacher is Kathleen Lewis, a 2nd grade teacher at Oakview Elementary School in Ashland, KY.

Kathleen Lewis is in her fifteenth year as a teacher at Oakview Elementary School in Ashland, KY. She has previously taught kindergarten and third grade, and currently holds a second grade position. She is just beginning her Mutt-i-grees journey with her first and second grade students. Kathleen decided to expand the program in her classroom by obtaining a Pets in the Classroom grant for a class guinea pig that they named “Quincy.” She and her peers are also currently working on ideas to incorporate the Mutt-i-grees Curriculum into some community outreach activities. Her best advice to teachers beginning their Mutt-i-grees journey is to find ways you can expand it across your day each and every day. She has seen how quickly the lessons are catching on with her students and their behaviors toward each other in the classroom are changing for the better. Keep up the excellent work, Kathleen!

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