Alex, Zahra, and Layla, age 10, made bookmarks promoting rescue and put them in their school media center. These Maryland 5th graders, who attend Stone Mill Elementary, also collected coins to donate to their fellow ambassadors in Bosnia who are trying to save homeless animals themselves!

Naishlyn, age 11, is a part of Cristo Rey’s Pawsitive Peers group. As a 7th grader in Puerto Rico, Naishlyn helped prepare cats that were fostered by a BOCES school in the U.S. That cat has since found its loving forever home!

Salma is one of our youngest Ambassadors. At age 4, her and her mother take in homeless dogs off the street that would otherwise be killed. Attending Nos Amis Pour La Vie in Morocco, Salma loves animals and does whatever she can to help even though she is only in kindergarten.