These Maryland 5th graders, who attend Stone Mill Elementary, collected coins that added up to over $600 to donate to their fellow ambassadors in Bosnia who are trying to save homeless animals themselves! Alex, Zahra, and Layla, age 10, also made bookmarks promoting rescue and put them in their school media center where the entire school population utilizes. They also gave to their local Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County who they have worked tirelessly to promote their homeless animals.

Naishlyn, age 11, is a part of Cristo Rey’s Pawsitive Peers group. As a 7th grader in Puerto Rico, Naishlyn leads her group in rescue on the streets of Puerto Rico. Because of Naishlyn’s efforts and heart we now have a Mutt-i-grees School Dog named Anakin at her school that she rescued from the street. Anakin was in shock and on his last days when she found him. Thanks to Naishlyn he is healthy and happy and now part of her family. Also, Pawsitive Peers rescued two kittens they are fostering and bring to school to teach the values in the Mutt-i-grees Curriculum. Naishlyn named the kittens Princesa and Greishy.  On the weekend they visited the veterinarian’s office for the first time with students. Following by example, elementary school students rescued another kitten who had an eye infection. They too, nurtured him at the veterinarian’s office. They felt he was blind and wanted him immediately to be cared for. North Shore Animal League America works closely with the school and the local shelter to bring these fostered kittens back to our New York campus to find them loving homes.

Salma is one of our youngest Ambassadors. At age 4, she and her mother take in homeless dogs off the street that would otherwise be abused or killed. Attending Nos Amis Pour La Vie in Morocco, Salma loves animals and does whatever she can to help even though she is only in kindergarten. Salma and her family also foster many of the dogs they rescue. Because they play with the dogs in their yard their neighbors see and have begun to understand the value and beauty of the street dogs. Salma is breaking stereotypes and is the most beautiful example demonstrating that age doesn’t matter. Know matter how young you are, with the support of family and community you can make big things happen with a little compassion and kindness.