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Bixby, Oklahoma Students Eager To Change Lives In Their Community

If the recent overwhelming number of applicants for the M.U.T.T.S Club at Bixby Intermediate School in Oklahoma is anything to go by, we will have an inspiring generation of animal advocates to look up to in the next few decades. This past week, Mutt-i-grees ambassador, Ragan Fletcher, received over 75 applicants to join her district’s M.U.T.T.S club for the upcoming school year. M.U.T.T.S Clubs are sprouting up around the country as a response to our curriculum being taught in schools and libraries. M.U.T.T.S stands for Motivated, Understanding, Thoughtful Teenage Students, and the name and original club began in Arkansas. Our key themes encourage empathy and compassion, which we see students practicing first-hand throughout communities in which the programming is taught.

Students who were interested in joining had to provide a writing sample on why they wished to join. They must be animal lovers, see a future where they contribute to animal welfare, and want to be leaders in their schools and communities. “News was really word of mouth,” said Shanna Fletcher, Ragan’s mother. “Ragan’s club is on fire!” We can’t wait to see all the great things Bixby M.U.T.T.S club will accomplish this school year!

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