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Rescue News

Has your school been involved in a rescue or does your school have an on-site kennel? We want to hear your story! Contact us at to share your rescue news.

Compassionate Brothers Receive Humane Hero Award

In a special ceremony at the 70th anniversary Fall Festival at Citi Field on Saturday, October 18, 2014, North Shore Animal League America was honored to present brothers Ramon and Joel Quinones with the Humane Hero Award for their heroic actions toward saving the life of Quattro the cat. On May 7, in Paterson, NJ, a group of children brutally beat Quattro, a stray cat, with bricks, stones, and sticks. The assault only ended when Ramon and Joel stepped in, chasing the gang away while protecting Quattro.

Colorado Mama Dog Safe At Last

Rescued by heroic students, this once-abandoned mother finds her adopter at North Shore Animal League America

In April, we shared the tale of two students who took action when so many people—adults included—may have looked the other way.

Arkansas Dog Receives Mutt-i-grees Hero Award

On March 13, 2013, Stephanie Ward, a teacher at Clinton Junior High lost her home to a fire. However, thanks to a hero Mutt-i-gree named Bart, no one was hurt. Mrs. Ward’s husband, David, was taking a nap at home when he woke up with Bart on his stomach. The home was already filled with smoke and within minutes it was in flames. The family lost everything and is now in process of rebuilding their lives. The blessing is that David is okay thanks to Bart!

Students Save Homeless Puppies and Their Mother

We were thrilled to hear from Jennie Steele, a new Mutt-i-grees Curriculum teacher, who shared this heartwarming story showing the Curriculum in life-saving action!

Ms. Steele, who teaches English as a Second Language (ESL) to K-5 at Midland International Elementary School in Colorado Springs, CO, told us about the compassion and dedication that two of her students, Banessa and Jovanny, demonstrated when they discovered an animal in need:

Brave Boy Stands Up to Bullies and Rescues Abused Cat

It’s no exaggeration to say that bullying is truly an epidemic—and sadly, humans aren’t the only ones who suffer. After hearing so many heartbreaking stories of animal abuse, it’s uplifting to hear a very different tale: the story of Jackson the cat and his hero Wendell, a 10-year-old North Carolina boy who put his own safety aside and bravely stood up to a group of bullies, rescuing an innocent cat who was being tormented.