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Innovative Educators Bring Mutt-i-grees to Two New Schools

Irene Sumida, Executive Director of Fenton Charter Public Schools in Lake View Terrace, CA, believes in the Mutt-i-grees Curriculum. Her schools have been involved with Mutt-i-grees since 2010, when Fenton Avenue Charter School and Fenton Primary Center piloted the Curriculum lessons. Since then, the Fenton family of schools has grown to include Santa Monica Boulevard Community Charter, which happily embraced Mutt-i-grees in 2013, as well. School counselor, Toni Frear, and her canine co-counselor, Jeter, have helped with implementation at each school and have seen firsthand the ways in which the Mutt-i-grees Curriculum has positively impacted students. Today, Mutt-i-grees is a permanent element of the school day at all three Fenton schools.

We are pleased to report that the Fenton Charter Public Schools are expanding next year to include two new schools, which will, as expected, both have a Mutt-i-grees focus. As part of their preparation for the schools’ openings, Irene brought Lee Melo, Director of Fenton Academy for Social and Emotional Learning, and Jennifer Miller, Director of the Fenton STEM Academy, as well as Toni and the lead Mutt-i-grees teaching team, to Yale University School of the 21st Century for a two-day training in November. Teachers and administrators learned ways to integrate Mutt-i-grees lessons into all aspects of the school day and across all subject matters.

The highlight of their visit, of course, was a behind-the-scenes tour of North Shore Animal League America - who can resist a tail-wagging Mutt-i-gree? The Fenton teachers know this firsthand – their very own Jeter was adopted from Animal League America in 2010 during their first ever Mutt-i-grees training.

Irene and the Fenton team left with great memories of this very first event for their new schools and, as always, we are inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of these educators. We wish them the very best!