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Muttigrees At Home

Muttigrees At Home is a brand new resource designed to help you and your child become more aware, confident and effective. It is inspired by new research on the benefits of canine-based activities that clearly shows the transformative power of the dog. You don’t actually need to have a dog to use Muttigrees At Home — just looking at pictures of a dog works to bring about change!

Can I help my child learn to care? To have friends? To improve academically? If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, then you need to get Muttigrees At Home!

Muttigrees At Home is available as a limited-time special introductory offer of $12.95 plus $3.00 shipping. Download order form here.

Muttigrees At Home contains five sections that build on each other:

Chapter 1:  Achieving Awereness

Achieving Awareness

Fun ways to initiate discussions with your children about what makes each person in your family special and unique

Chapter 2: Finding Feelings

Finding Feelings

Helps children learn to accurately identify and express their emotions appropriately

Chapter 3: Encouraging Empathy

Encouraging Empathy

Teaches children to become aware of and sensitive to the emotions of other family members

Chapter 4: Cultivating Cooperation

Cultivating Cooperation

Shows children how to ask for help, how to give help, and how to work with others in the family to accomplish shared tasks

Chapter 5: Dealing with Decisions

Dealing with Decisions

Teaches children the steps in making good decisions, and gives them lots of practice making choices of their own


In Muttigrees At Home you’ll learn:

• How to make use of Daily Routines — in the morning, at mealtime, in the car and at bedtime — as precious teaching moments.

• Ways to Show How Much You Care and inspire your child to be caring and compassionate toward other people and pets, especially Muttigrees — those very special shelter pets.

YIP TIP — short, fun activities you can do whenever and wherever you are, or to amuse your child when you’re waiting somewhere.

Throughout the sections are colorful boxes
loaded with interesting research and helpful information
for building a strong family.