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Dogs & Cats in the News

Looking for current resources to use in your Mutt-i-grees lessons? Dogs & Cats in the News provides a compilation of news stories featuring dogs and cats that may inspire students to put empathy into action.

New Children’s Book Helps Big Apple Street Cats

A new children’s book is teaching kids about Big Apple feral and stray cats. ‘The Cats On My Block’ is written by Valerie Sicignano, an animal welfare veteran and co-founder of the New York City Feral Cat Initiative of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, with illustrations by award winning graphic designer Jayne Sayre Denny. Read more:

Gluten allergy? There's a dog for that

Last Christmas Eve, Dawn Scheu set a bag of groceries on the floor of the kitchen in her Gregory home and got busy putting them away. Her dog immediately started pawing at the back of her legs. "Willow, quit," Scheu admonished the German shorthaired pointer. From the other room, her husband yelled: "Is she indicating?" Scheu froze. Is that what was going on? Was her service dog warning her that something in her grocery bag contained gluten? Read more:

This Amazing Utah Canyon Hike Comes With a Rescue Dog

In a world of resorts eager to find a competitive edge in guest amenities, one Utah resort has truly gone to the dogs. Flash was huffing and puffing even more than I was on a hot Saturday afternoon. His tongue was lolling out of his mouth as he wound his way in between my knees. The border collie wasn’t used to being on a leash, and all he wanted to do was herd me as we made our way to the trailhead of Snow Canyon. Flash and his canine buddies get to hike the rusty red mountains twice a week — at least they will until they are adopted from the Ivins Animal Shelter in Ivins, Utah. They do it as part of a program with the Red Mountain Resort, where guests get the privilege of hiking with shelter pups — a program that seems equally beneficial for both the dogs and the humans. Read more:

Once in a Lifetime Photo

The Tampa Police Department was called out to rescue a dog trapped in the Hillsborough River. Upon arriving, the officers not only saw something unexpected, they managed to capture a snapshot of the moment, creating a once in a lifetime image. Read more:

In More Cities, That Doggie In The Window Is Not For Sale

Just about everyone loves puppies. But around the country, there's heated disagreement about where, and from whom, people can get one. While the large national pet store chains don't sell dogs, other chains and shops do. But in several states, including Florida, cities are passing laws that ban puppy sales in pet stores. Read more: