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Dogs & Cats in the News

Looking for current resources to use in your Mutt-i-grees lessons? Dogs & Cats in the News provides a compilation of news stories featuring dogs and cats that may inspire students to put empathy into action.

Service Pit Bull Wins Right To Attend School With His Very Special Human

A sweet-natured pit bull named Stevie will be allowed to accompany his human to school each day, a federal judge has ruled — a victory for the rights of certified service animals like Stevie, and especially for the youngster who relies on him so much.
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Dogs Intuitively Know If You're Lying To Them

A new study has found that man's best friend is pretty intuitive when figuring out if a person is untrustworthy. While this isn't the first time that researchers have documented that dogs are more intuitive than they may let on, a new study published in the journal Animal Cognition explains how these canines know when a person is lying.
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29 Photographers Intimately Capture The Lives Of Dogs Around The World

The Kennel Club recently concluded their annual Dog Photographer Of The Year contest. All the stunning, winning images are below for you to gawk at, in all their pristine beauty.
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Weather Therapy Dog Visits Boston

If anyone could use a warm hug right now, it’s the residents of Boston, who received another 2 feet of snow over the weekend — on top of the 6 feet that were already on the ground. So, the Weather Channel deployed Butler, its weather therapy dog, to the winter-weary city.
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There's no denying the bond between dogs and their owners. A miniature schnauzer from Iowa showed just how strong that bond can be. Nancy Franck has been recovering at Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids for the past two weeks following a cancer surgery. She and her husband, Dale, own two miniature schnauzers, Sissy and Barney. Dale Franck said Sissy ran away from home last Saturday. As it turns out, she was on a mission.
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