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Grades 9-12 Curriculum Kit

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As teens move through high school, the need for autonomy and independence takes center stage. Emotions are more intense, decisions more complex, and responsibilities more demanding than ever — all of which can feel overwhelming. Educators tell us that having a shared affection and concern for shelter animals helps them connect with students in a unique and meaningful way. Using this positive connection, this kit presents a wealth of practices, strategies, and digital resources that help create a sense of belonging while showing teens that they can make a difference to themselves and to the world.


What’s Inside

  • A complete binder with lesson plans sequenced for Grades 9-12
  • Each lesson at all grade levels meets at least one of the Common Core State Standards
  • Hands-on activities – role play, games, creative expression,
  • Colorful posters ready to download
  • Family and community involvement strategies
  • Worksheets. View sample worksheet
  • Recommended books and websites
  • Dog Dialog feature lessons. View sample Dog Dialog
  • Letters to involve families


All applications of our Curriculum are organized around five themes that reflect key principles of social and emotional learning and resiliency. Each theme consists of five core-based lessons, starting with basic concepts (such as identifying one’s own feelings) and progressing to more complex ones (such as taking another’s perspective). By design, concepts are reinforced across themes and incorporate both repetition and expansion.

  • Achieving Awareness
  • Finding Feelings
  • Encouraging Empathy
  • Cultivating Cooperation
  • Dealing with Decisions

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