Mutt-i-grees has developed an array of experiential programs. This time of quarantine has not stopped us, but fueled our mission to educate. Our resources span from classroom teaching to the grounds of our campus. We are happy to announce we can actually reach more people than ever before, when people need us more than ever.

Mutt-i-grees has been re-imagining the work to be relevant and supportive in this new virtual teaching world we are now in. We’re excited to have developed virtual properties for engagement, including:
· An on-line internship series
· Live shelter tours
· Student read aloud with engaging Q&A’s
· Classroom visits with shelter animals.
· RescuED YouTube series: Saving Animals, Changing Lives. Interviews with experts in the field of animal welfare and education

Mutt-i-grees Virtual Tours and Readings

During these unprecedented times, the Mutt-i-grees Mission is more important than ever! The Mutt-i-grees team can take you on a virtual tour of the North Shore Animal League America adoption facilities and read you a story!.

Professional Training and Development

Programs and workshops for educators to demonstrate how to incorporate social & emotional learning into lesson plans and classroom culture. 

Educational Training and Workshops

Webinar Series

Events for Schools

Workshops for students for any and all schools interested in receiving an introduction into the curriculum and sparking conversation amongst faculty and students.  These can be scheduled at your school or you can attend an event on our campus.

School Workshops

On-Campus Events

Community Events

From creating adoption posters to helping teens get involved in volunteering opportunities, there is something for everyone to get involved! Events take place throughout the community including at libraries. Anyone can attend.

Library Workshops

Community Outreach