Social Emotional Learning never stops. It is an ongoing process to have positive impact in one’s own life and the people we encounter. It is simply a way of talking, listening, making an effort to go a bit deeper to understand yourself and others. A cultivated curiosity to explore and care. No matter what age, the journey to be mindful and develop our emotional intelligence never has to end.

Below are some questions based on the Mutt-i-grees five themes and lessons that we can ask students and ourselves:

Achieving Awareness


  • Did I observe how people are the same as me and how they differ?
  • Did I notice all the positives and accept the differences?

 “I” Statements

  • Did I use “I think” when expressing my thoughts?
  • Did I use “I feel” when expressing my emotions?

 Positive Self-Talk

  • Was I negative today towards myself or others?  If so, how can I turn it into a positive?
  • Did I give a positive response or compliment today to myself, a friend, or family member today?

 Finding Feelings

 Catch a Feeling

  • Did I express my feelings in a healthy way while communicating with another person?

 Calm the Waters

  • When I was upset at a situation, was I able to calm myself down and work through the dilemma?

 Feeling Break

  • Did I check-in with myself and observe how I’m feeling emotionally and physically?

 Holding Steady

  • When the unexpected happened, was I able to focus and remain calm?

 Start Positive

  • Did I begin my day on a positive note? If not, what can I tell myself right now?

Encouraging Empathy

 Helping Hand

  • Did I observe my feelings that resulted from my actions?
  • Did I try to solve a problem in a way that helps someone else?

 I’m sorry

  • Did I make amends for my mistakes?

 Walk in Someone’s Shoes

  • Did I try to see the situation from a person’s perspective that may be in need of help?

Forging Forgiveness

  • Was I able to forgive someone and not focus on their issue?
  • Was I able to move on even though I might not completely understand?

Cultivating Cooperation

 Measure Up

  • Did I evaluate my goals from where I began, and where I still need to go?
  • Did I work with others to contribute ideas, share the tasks, and accomplish goals needed for completion?

 Random Act of Kindness

  • Did I take that extra step to help someone today?
  • Did I try to make someone feel good?

 Ask for Help

  • Did I engage others when I needed help?
  • Was I open to new suggestions and change?

 Look While Listening

  • Did I take the time to look in a person’s eyes when they spoke to me?
  • Did I make the person I interacted with feel important?

Dealing with Decisions

 This or That

  • Did I evaluate my choices and make the appropriate decision for the benefit of myself and/or others?

 Actions and Consequences

  • Did I consider what would be the consequences of my actions?
  • Did I think about the impact my choices would have on others?
  • Did I plan ahead or act without thinking things through?

Practice Makes Perfect (or, at least makes it better)

  • When I didn’t make the best decision, did I role play to figure out how to make it better next time?
  • Did I talk myself through various options as to how I could respond differently next time? 

Never Too Late

  • When I was faced with a decision and I made a poor choice, did I focus on regret or move forward with the intent to make a change?

We hope this quick reference is helpful to you. Remember, we love to hear from you. Don’t be shy! Let us know all about the wonderful things you are doing for Mutt-i-grees in the form below.