Similar and Different is one of the profound topics within the Mutt-i-grees Curriculum as it relates to recognition and appreciation of diversity. Observing and discussing similarities and differences in animals and in people always resonates with students.

The National Student Ambassadors, who participated in a recent rescue, epitomize the concept. Their similarities are: their compassion for animals, their leadership skills, and their action-oriented personalities. Their differences are that they live in varied locales and communities. One school is based in a rural environment in Spruce Pine, North Carolina, and the other, is an urban-based school nearly 700 miles away in Brooklyn, New York. In spite of very different life experiences, the students had a common goal – to save the lives of homeless animals. North Shore Animal League America partnered with Mitchell County Animal Rescue Shelter to transport cats and dogs to our campus in Port Washington, New York, to free up space to save more homeless pets in the North Carolina shelter. This video captures the experiences of students on the departure of the precious cargo from North Carolina to its arrival in New York.

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