Mutt-i-grees Student Ambassadors have done fantastic work raising awareness for shelter pets this year! The amount of compassion shown by the students is truly moving and we are very proud to be working with these students and teachers to help rescue animals.

This is the first year we went global with our Student Ambassador program, welcoming students from Bosnia, Croatia, and Morocco. Salma from Morocco (who is only 4 years old!) helped care for homeless dogs around her community with help from her mother. Salma is active daily in rescuing, feeding, fostering, and for Morocco most importantly the Trap, Vaccinate, Neuter and Release (TVNR) of their local street dog population.

Out of Bosnia, Milica was selling dog calendars to raise awareness for rescue dogs, donating all the proceeds to her local shelter. She collaborated with the ski resort in her community to help promote the sale of these calendars to the community and diaspora population that visit for holiday. She also worked alongside fellow Bosnia ambassador Anastajia as they taught their fellow students and even adults on how they can contribute to helping rescue pets.

Rachel from Maryland assembled her team when their local shelter was in need. They collected and delivered donations of food, toys, blankets, and of course made time to hold and nurture the animals on their visit.

Out of Florida, the Canine Commandos helped train and socialize rescue dogs at their local shelter, specifically Pit Bulls who face challenges of adoption due to the stigma of being stereotyped. They knew with extra care they would have a better chance of being adopted and remain a permanent beloved family member!

Alexandra from New York and her classmates also held donation drives for their local shelter as well as creating a website. On This website, students made their own read alouds for younger students to view. They also made T Shirts and created logos that were posted around their school with their “Kids Helping Paws” initiative.

Abby from Arkansas and her AARF teen council put together an auction item for Ashland Animal Rescue Fund’s spring on-line silent auction fundraiser. Their gift card basket raised over $400 for the shelter!

There were so many accomplishments this year that there is just not enough room to list them all! We are very proud of our Mutt-i-grees Student Ambassadors in this especially challenging year for stepping up to become leaders in their communities, and raising awareness for shelter animals. Thank you to all the students and of course the educators who have mentored them this school year.