Since she was young, Lainey has been dedicated to making people feel better. She loves giving kisses and has even helped a few people get over their fear of dogs. When her owners adopted another Mutt-i-gree from North Shore Animal League America, she worked hard to help her new sibling get over her anxiety by getting her to play and showing her how she could trust people.

Lainey first began her official therapy work at Southern Connecticut State University, where she visited classes and held office hours in the Counseling and School Psychology department with Misty Ginicola, Mutt-i-grees Training and Evaluation Associate, who is also a professor at SCSU. She trained very hard to become a therapy dog and passed her Pet Partners Animal Assisted Therapy exam in 2013. She loves visiting Mutt-i-grees classrooms, nursing homes, and college classrooms; her favorite thing is still making people feel better! She sometimes helps clients in therapy sessions, sitting quietly and snuggling with them and letting them pet her when they feel upset. Some of Lainey’s favorite things are food (she even eats fruit and vegetables!), being loved and going to ‘work’ to cheer other people up!