Even if you cannot bring a new dog or cat into your home, there are lots of ways you can help shelter pets. Shelters are always in need of toys for their rescued animals. Especially, our beloved mischievous felines who’s curiosity drives them to bat, toss and poke.

These items can easily be collected: 

  •         Soda bottle caps (please rinse with water to remove any residue)
  •         Wine bottle corks
  •         Paper bags  (any size)
  •         Carpet scraps/strips
  •         Paper towel or toilet paper tubes
  •         Ping pong balls
  •         Shower curtain rings
  •         Key rings / keychain rings
  •         Empty Tissue boxes (any size)
  •         Twine

 These crafts / DIY items can be easily made:

Cardboard Box Cat House

Water Bottle Treat Dispenser

Wine Cork and Feather Toys

Catnip Stuffed Socks

Catnip T-Shirt Bows

Knotty Spiders

Tissue Box Toy

Toilet Paper Tube Ideas

Party Maker Wand Toy

T-shirt Hide-Away Box

T-shirt Cat Tent

Paper Towel Tube Cat Dancer

Homemade Cat Wands

Let us know what you did to help shelter pets! 

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