Looking for impactful lessons for Earth Day? Look no further. Each of the five themes of the Mutt-i-grees Curriculum directly relates to making the earth a better place. Our humane education and social emotional learning Curriculum teaches respect for self, others, animals, and the environment. There are many activities and initiatives you can choose in honor of the day, and we hope you select the Mutt-i-grees Curriculum as your resource for ideas. The Mutt-i-grees program sets a stage to go beyond one day of caring by instilling Social Emotional skills that will last a lifetime:

Five Themes of Mutt-i-grees Curriculum will lead to positive change:  

  • Achieving Awareness > Be aware of each individual’s impact on the environment.
    • Negatives: littering, wasting water, abandoning animals      
    • Positives: tending to animals in need
  • Finding Feelings >  The environment is a framework for feelings. It’s OK to be angry about problems with the environment, but control of anger and expressing positive change is taught in the Curriculum.
  • Encouraging Empathy > Imagine the uncertainty and fear animals face in shrinking natural environments or polluted areas. Imagine how the animals feel when safety and comfort are restored.
  • Cultivating Cooperation > Teamwork between students, classes, and community members will create social change to address feral cat populations, stray animals, etc.
  • Dealing With Decisions > Reach out to decision makers in your community with thoughtful, respectful messages.

Together with your class, create specific examples of how developing these attributes can positively impact our earth. Remember, small initiatives can make a huge difference. Your students will feel empowered when they experience what it is to fuel positive change.