Where do we go from here?

How does one begin to grasp a world without Koalas? The denial of climate change? A continent that may never be restored to its natural habitat? Australia is experiencing unprecedented fires, which has resulted in the death of over 1 billion animals native to the country. Not only is this apoplectic event causing the earth to lose species of animals, but destroying a rainforest in a critical section of the globe with an eco-system that may not ever fully recover. Over 12 million acres have perished in flames. Thousands of people have lost their homes. The magnitude of the suffering is unimaginable and the long term damage has yet to be determined because we have never experienced a disaster such as this. Australia is one of the greatest biodiversity spots in the world. According to Australia’s science research agency, CSIRO, there will be dire consequences from so much land being burned at once. Hundreds of species have been affected by these fires. Not only over 8000 Koalas, but many dozens of threatened species will be brought to the brink of extinction – some will perish forever.

Bush fires have burned through more than 12 million acres of land in Australia.

As we are consumed by such news, the Mutt-i-grees Ambassadors bring a glimmer of hope as they take action to shine a light on this injustice. They are not sitting still as they read the news, but taking action to help the Australian wildlife. Animals that are innocent victims that have no voice and need ours. We hope you are as inspired as we were  when we heard of how these young students are taking action.

PS596x Bronx, NY

The Mutt-i-grees Ambassador and his fellow students in their school club, “Celebra-TEES” have created a t-shirt, available for purchase. A portion of the sales will go to support charities working to save kangaroos and koalas. 596x hosted a school wide assembly on February 12, 2020 where they invited the school community to wear the shirt during the student performances.

The Mutt-i-grees Ambassadors of Fenton Charter Leadership Academy, Fenton STEM Academy in Los Angeles, CA

Australian Wildlife Week

The Fenton Academies held fundraising efforts during the week of February 3rd-7th. Their Mutt-i-grees Ambassadors, Nicolas Welch and Eymi Bracamontes, shared their plans at their Parent Advocacy Committee. All funds collected will support the wildlife in Australia. Fenton Charter Leadership Academy and Fenton STEM Academy plan on helping this important cause in two different ways and their Mutt-i-grees Ambassadors will help to promote, organize and manage these events:

  •  Coins for Koalas
    Each class will have a week to collect as many coins and/or bills that they can. The class who has raised the most money will receive an Australian-themed prize (Koala pencil hugger). The Student Council School Spirit Committee created posters to be hung throughout the school campus to advertise this event.
  •  Wildlife Eraser Fundraiser
    The Student Council Community Outreach Committee will be using their recess time to sell wildlife erasers to the school community for $1.

Clinton High School, Clinton, Arkansas

Keegan Campbell, their Mutt-i-grees Ambassador is coordinating with different classes to purchase groceries, cook, and sell spaghetti dinners.  They will take pictures to document all of the steps leading to the actual distribution of the meals to students, teachers, and community. They’re selling tickets for $8.00 each and hoping to have a $500 profit to send toward the Australian Animal Relief fund.

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