In honor of National Dog Day on August 26, teach students how to raise awareness for the voiceless and most vulnerable beginning with shelter pets. Students will learn why it’s important to adopt a pet from your local shelter and not purchase a pet from a pet store. They will begin to understand the importance of taking action to make positive change happen in their community and beyond.

With these highlighted lessons across the spectrum of our curriculum, students will learn about the wonderful traits of our loyal companions, what we actually share in common and how they can help us to lead a more fulfilling life. By bridging humane education with social emotional learning, your students will learn not only about the importance of being kind to animals, but being kind and compassionate to one another. Humane education explores the interconnected issues of human rights, animal protection, environmental stewardship, media, culture, social change and the ways in which we can do the most good and least harm for all, both in our personal choices and in the systems we support.

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Theme: Achieving Awareness
1.1   Me and My Mutt-i-gree

Lessons in this theme help students gain a stronger sense of self and awareness of their unique abilities. Such skills increase children’s self-confidence and promote the appreciation of diversity. Children will also learn that, like people, Mutt-i-grees possess special and unique qualities.

 Grade 4,5

Theme: Cultivating Cooperation
4.2 Listen to the Dog

To understand a dog’s needs, we have to pay attention to their body language to figure out what they are trying to communicate. Just like with people, we need to listen, by watching. Body language speaks if we take the time to listen.

 Grade 6

Theme: Achieving Awareness
1.1   Paws to Learn

Students will learn about Mutt-i-grees, the goal and rationale behind the curriculum, and the importance of learning about Humane Education.

 Grade 7/8

Theme: Encouraging Empathy
3.4 Yes, We Care!

Learning how one’s actions impacts humans and animals promotes perspective-taking and compassion. Helping a person or an animal in need promotes empathy and social responsibility. Moreover, giving students the experience of helping another person or animal encourages students to appreciate how volunteering benefits others and is intrinsically rewarding.

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