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Curriculum News

Mutt-i-grees Express Helps Boston Marathon First Responders Heal on the First Anniversary

Members of Team Mutt-i-grees and other staff of Animal League America were on hand for the commemoration of the 1st anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombings. They were invited to attend by Marcia Emerson, Internal Communications Manager, who said, “We have been eagerly awaiting the event since it was announced! Everyone wants to come out and see all the animals you brought!” As she looked at the hospital employees aboard the unit, she said, “This is exactly what we wanted to see. Look at their faces. Everyone is so happy and relaxed.”

The Mutt-i-grees Express Rolls into Atlanta, GA!

On Saturday, April 12th the NSALA Tour For Life stopped in Atlanta Georgia. The event was held in support of PAWS Atlanta from Decatur, GA. The children and families who attended the event were drawn in by the Mutt-i-grees Activities and Scooby-Doo stickers. One family with four energetic children who came to the event was able to adopt a new pet, who they named Scooby!

Librarian of the Month: Martha Boksenbaum

This month’s featured librarian is Martha Boksenbaum, Youth Services Librarian at Randall Library in Stow, MA.

Martha learned about Mutt-i-grees in the Library last spring, just as she was brought on board as Youth Services Librarian. Since then, she has embraced the program whole-heartedly!

Clinton Pack Party Honors Mutt-i-grees Advocates

Even under a tornado watch students and educators had a great day at North Shore Animal League America’s Tour for Life stop at Van Buren County Fairgrounds in Clinton, AR. Shirley High School MUTTS Club members were on hand, along with the local shelter, two rescue groups, and a mobile spay/neuter organization. Thanks to these amazing students and organizations, 44 dogs and cats found loving homes yesterday!

Tri-School Pack Party Highlights the Benefits of Teamwork

Three schools in the Los Angeles area joined together to host a variety of Mutt-i-grees Pack Party celebrations during the week of March 17-21, 2014. Fenton Avenue Charter School, Fenton Primary Center, and Santa Monica Boulevard Community Charter worked together to raise awareness and funds for Mutt-i-grees. Each school designed fun, week-long activities to promote shelter animals, including poster contests, door decorating contests, and hat contests, among others. Students were also able to take photos with Scooby-Doo if they contributed a donation for their local animal shelter.