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Curriculum News

Innovative Educators Bring Mutt-i-grees to Two New Schools

Irene Sumida, Executive Director of Fenton Charter Public Schools in Lake View Terrace, CA, believes in the Mutt-i-grees Curriculum. Her schools have been involved with Mutt-i-grees since 2010, when Fenton Avenue Charter School and Fenton Primary Center piloted the Curriculum lessons. Since then, the Fenton family of schools has grown to include Santa Monica Boulevard Community Charter, which happily embraced Mutt-i-grees in 2013, as well.

Curriculum Overview: How teaching kids about shelter dogs can make them better students

Pet owners all over the world know the benefits of spending time with dogs. They give us unconditional love. They calm us when we’re angry. They even brighten our moods when it seems nothing else can.

But did you know that studying shelter dogs in school can improve children’s behavior, confidence and academic performance? The Mutt-i-grees® Curriculum, is finding just that and more.

Meet Mutt-i-grees featured librarian, Lauren Longbottom, Head of Children’s Services at Ridley Township Public Library in Folsom, PA

Lauren, right, was honored to work with the extremely talented Judy Schachner. To celebrate her newest book release, Skippyjon Jones: Snow What!, the library is planning another visit from her this winter.

Students’ Bracelet Business Helps Mutt-i-grees

Meet Anna and Gracie Lee - they are sisters from Van Buren County, Arkansas who have been involved in Mutt-i-grees for four years. All the profits from their bracelet business go to support their local animal shelter. What a fantastic way to help animals in your community! To see more ideas for ways to help shelters and rescue groups in your area, please visit

Compassionate Brothers Receive Humane Hero Award

In a special ceremony at the 70th anniversary Fall Festival at Citi Field on Saturday, October 18, 2014, North Shore Animal League America was honored to present brothers Ramon and Joel Quinones with the Humane Hero Award for their heroic actions toward saving the life of Quattro the cat. On May 7, in Paterson, NJ, a group of children brutally beat Quattro, a stray cat, with bricks, stones, and sticks. The assault only ended when Ramon and Joel stepped in, chasing the gang away while protecting Quattro.