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Curriculum News

Curriculum Overview: How teaching kids about shelter dogs can make them better students

Pet owners all over the world know the benefits of spending time with dogs. They give us unconditional love. They calm us when we’re angry. They even brighten our moods when it seems nothing else can.

But did you know that studying shelter dogs in school can improve children’s behavior, confidence and academic performance? The Mutt-i-grees® Curriculum, is finding just that and more.

Mutt-i-grees® Programming a Constant Feature at Middle Country Public Library

Families in Centereach, NY know where to go to find fun, hands-on activities that help shelter animals: their local library! Since March 2013, Middle Country Public Library (MCPL) has been offering a variety of Mutt-i-grees programs to patrons as part of its seasonal programming.

Co-Workers Make a Difference with Mutt-i-grees®

Shelly Wood and Mercedes Fort are friends and co-workers who are making a difference in the lives of at-risk youth in Missouri with the Mutt-i-grees® Curriculum. Shelly and Mercedes work for EPIC (Early Prevention Impacts Community), a non-profit organization with a goal to promote healthy attitudes and behaviors of youth in Southeast Missouri.