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Yale 21C

Yale 21C is a school reform program that provides early care, education, and family support from the birth of the child through the school years. 21C schools, also known as Family Resource Centers in some states, are open year-round for extended hours. 21C was conceptualized and developed for national dissemination at the Yale Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy. The Yale 21C team leads a network of more than 1300 schools around the country, coordinates a 21C nationwide peer trainers group, hosts national conferences, and regularly updates its program by adding new components that reflect national and local needs. One such new addition is 21C’s extension of its mental health module to include a social and emotional learning (SEL) component. The Pet Savers’ goal of using Mutt-i-grees® as a way to introduce the concepts of compassion and social responsibility to children complemented Yale 21C’s intention to add this SEL component. It also presented an opportunity to collaborate on the development of a social and emotional learning Curriculum featuring Mutt-i-gree® dogs.