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Teacher of the Month: Yuka Dawson

This month’s featured teacher is Yuka Dawson, Project C.A.R.E. (Canine Academy for Rehabilitation and Education) Coordinator at MercyFirst, a residential treatment center in New York.

Yuka teaches technology to students in 6th-12th grade and has pilot-tested the Grades 9-12 Curriculum. She uses the activities in Curriculum for inspiration. For example, she taught her students about puppy mills and they wrote business letters to Governor Cuomo. She has also used videos of dogs with disabilities to highlight lessons on resiliency and empathy. Yuka’s students participated in the first Mutt-i-gree Summer Youth Internship Program at North Shore Animal League America this past summer. From Monday through Wednesday for five weeks, five MercyFirst students spent five hours with their mentor, a member of Animal League America’s staff. Each student was assigned a role based on his or her personal interests. “Our students love working with dogs,” says Yuka. “The dog program is a popular program and the projects I do in class seem to receive positive feedback from my students.” When asked why she thinks the Mutt-i-grees Curriculum works, Yuka explains that she loves the flexibility. She says, “I like the Curriculum because it gives you ideas. You can arrange it however you want to fit the subject area and the standards.”

Congratulations Yuka and keep up the good work!

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