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Teacher of the Month: Siranush Akopyan

This month's featured teacher, Mrs. Siranush Akopyan, was nominated by Mutt-i-grees® National Peer Trainer, Toni Frear, who praises Mrs. Akopyan for being so giving and selfless.

Mrs. Akopyan began her career at Santa Monica Boulevard Community Charter School in 1996 as a Teacher's Assistant and now holds the title of General Music Teacher for grades K-6. She has taught school for many years and has a background in music and leads the SMBCC Chorus.

Mrs. Akopyan is a native of Armenia and had many animals on the grounds of her parents’ home, but it wasn't until she came to this country that she had a pet dog who changed her life by teaching her lessons in companionship and love.

Mrs. Akopyan developed "A Place in the Christmas Choir” after several preparatory lessons in which students learned that all people and animals have unique gifts they bring to our lives. The performance centers around a dog that cannot sing and is ostracized by the other animals until it is understood that everyone has a unique gift to share. Mrs. Akopyan plans to produce another musical performance with the primary chorus in the spring that will involve animals.

Santa Monica Boulevard Community Charter School is a Fenton Charter Public School that is implementing the Mutt-i-grees® Curriculum.

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