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Teacher of the Month: Camy Bankemper

This month’s featured teacher is Camy Bankemper, Program Coordinator, 21st Century Community Learning Center at Donald E. Cline Elementary in Cold Spring, KY.

The 21st Century Community Learning Center is a federally funded program that supports a learning center that provides Cline Elementary students with academic enrichment opportunities during non-school hours. It gives students exposure to diverse recreational, social, and cultural activities and offers educational services to the families of participating children. The 21st Century program aims to help students develop the skills they need for success in college, career, and life.

Camy strives to make this program a place where the kids want to be. She says that Mutt-i-grees helps her in her mission to provide and teach appropriate social skills and be a safe place for her students. Camy has implemented various Mutt-i-grees lessons and activities in her afterschool program, including making Me and My Mutt-i-gree books and playing Mood Mysteries. The students absolutely love the program’s Mutt Club and always look forward to Tuesday. Camy says, “I’ll pass students in the hall and they’ll say, “Are we having Mutt Club today?” If I tell them no it’s not Tuesday I often hear a disappointed, “Awww!”

When asked what she likes best about Mutt-i-grees, Camy explains, “I like the Curriculum because it helps me help the children I work with. It is very different and better than any other social/emotional learning program I have seen. Mutt-i-grees uses something that most kids know and have experienced: the love of a pet. Children already have a natural love and curiosity about animals and the Curriculum draws upon that love to help transfer those feelings to other children. Just as some children are not good at math or reading, others don’t have the emotional intelligence to appreciate how someone else may feel… all you need to do is put your heart into it and you’ll have a successful, inspirational program that the students will remember forever!”

Keep up the great work, Camy!

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