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Teacher of the Month: Anna Lombardo

This month’s featured teacher is Anna Lombardo, first grade teacher at Saint Bernadette’s Catholic School in New Haven, CT.

Anna Lombardo has been teaching for over 40 years at various grade levels around New Haven, Connecticut. Her school, Saint Bernadette’s Catholic School in New Haven, began using Mutt-i-grees in 2013, and Mrs. Lombardo has noticed how much the students enjoy using the Curriculum. An animal lover with a red strider turtle and gold & black guppies in her classroom, Mrs. Lombardo was excited to use a curriculum that allows her to make connections between her students and her two beloved Labrador Retrievers. Mrs. Lombardo has Mutt-i-gree Mondays and uses the Curriculum lessons during her health class. Her class, dominated by some boys who love to get up and keep moving, were drawn to the Mutt-i-grees Puppet, which they have named Sammy. The class has even gone so far to as to make a collar, head band, bracelet and NY Jets banner during the weekend “sleepover with Sammy” sessions. Mrs. Lombardo has also incorporated Mutt-i-grees yoga lessons into her class, which all of the students have enjoyed. She notes that in her teaching experience, the children need to identify with something other than humans to learn compassion and empathy, and Mutt-i-grees allows the kids to learn about animals while they learn FROM the animals.

Sherry Steines, the school’s principal, knows that the success of Mutt-i-grees is tied to the passion and energy of her staff. She explains, “This year we’re starting out with a core group of teachers, but I know that the Curriculum will spread into other parts of the school once the kids get hooked on the message of Mutt-i-grees!”

Saint Bernadette was one of the first schools to register for a Mutt-i-grees Pack Party, which they’ve planned for Monday, May 5th. The school welcomed Ms. Kate Cryder, the Shelter Manager of The Animal Haven in North Haven, CT, so the kids could see firsthand who their fundraising efforts will benefit. It was clear that Mrs. Lombardo’s enthusiasm was contagious – the kids were eager to meet Mya the Husky mix who came to visit them as a part of Catholic Schools Week.

Keep up the great work, Mrs. Lombardo!

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