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Pacoima Charter School Creates Mutt-i-grees® Kennel

We are excited to report that one of our pilot sites, Pacoima Charter School (Pacoima, CA), has created a Mutt-i-grees® Kennel on school grounds. Teachers recognized that there was a real need in the school’s neighborhood, as stray dogs are prevalent and often wander onto school property. Staff introduced the idea of the kennel to the students and the entire community got on board. Rescued dogs are housed at the kennel until they are adopted or brought to a local no-kill shelter. Some dogs have even been adopted by teachers! Pacoima Charter School 5th Grade Teacher, Andrea Maldonaldo, adopted a Mutt-i-gree® named Minnie from the kennel in April 2010.
Click here to see a photo of her son, Danny, holding Minnie.