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Q&A With Kathy Hoopmann

This month, Kathy Hoopmann, author of All Dogs Have ADHD (London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2008), answers a few questions about her book. All Dogs Have ADHD combines humor with understanding to reflect the difficulties and joys of raising a child with ADHD and celebrates what it means to be considered `different.’ Kathy’s book takes a refreshing approach to understanding ADHD.

Q: Why do you think people have responded so positively to a book that uses dogs to highlight the characteristics of this disorder?

Almost everyone has had experience with dogs. Because of this, we all have a similar understanding of their traits, both positive and challenging. With this common background, it was easy to lead people to understand ADHD. And if you have ADHD traits and they are compared with the traits of arguably the most loved animal in the world, it means is not a threatening experience.

Q: How might parents or teachers use this book at home or in the classroom with children who are impacted by ADHD?

I’m a firm believer that through understanding comes acceptance and fulfillment. All Dogs have ADHD is a gentle way of giving that understanding about the basic traits of ADHD. Many people have given the book to friends and relatives and siblings of someone with ADHD so that in ten minutes these people can have an insight into ADHD that hours reading a text book won’t give. In the classroom teachers can read the book and encourage children take a little time to see behind the motives of others and encourage them to accept people who are different.

Q: Finally, what is the most important lesson you think dogs can teach us about understanding ADHD?

I believe the best lesson we can learn from dogs is that those with ADHD are unique, clever, and extremely lovable.

Kathy is the author of many other books, including All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome. For more information, please visit Kathy’s website: