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Mutt-i-grees Student Creates Animation to Help Shelter Dogs

Jack with his dog, Toby

An 11-year-old Mutt-i-grees® student in New York City, named Jack Hillyer, is putting the curriculum to good use; fusing what he’s learned about rescue animals in school with his talent for animation to illustrate the beauty of adopting a pet from a shelter.

Mutt-i-grees Outreach Team Connects with NYC School Librarians

The Mutt-i-grees outreach team was on site at Citifield for the New York City School Library System 25th Annual Conference last week, connecting with school librarians and teachers from all five New York City boroughs. The conference featured a wide range of workshop sessions on emerging technology, literacy, inquiry, and instructional strategies.

Innovative Educators Bring Mutt-i-grees to Two New Schools

Irene Sumida, Executive Director of Fenton Charter Public Schools in Lake View Terrace, CA, believes in the Mutt-i-grees Curriculum. Her schools have been involved with Mutt-i-grees since 2010, when Fenton Avenue Charter School and Fenton Primary Center piloted the Curriculum lessons. Since then, the Fenton family of schools has grown to include Santa Monica Boulevard Community Charter, which happily embraced Mutt-i-grees in 2013, as well.

Mutt-i-grees Expands in Five States

Norma Meek, Mutt-i-grees Educational Training and Program Development Consultant, presented to more than 70 attendees who attended her workshop at the 21st CCLC Multi-State Conference on September 23-25, 2014 in Louisville, KY. The 21st CCLC Multi-State Conference brings together directors from five states to share best practices and innovations in after-school and summer programming.

Paws for a Cause: A Car Wash with a Purpose

Students from Lacey Monroe’s 6th grade Mutt-i-grees class in Bee Branch, AR organized a car wash on Saturday, September 20th, 2014, to benefit their local animal shelter. The event, organized solely by the four students (with the help of Ms. Monroe and their parents), raised $260 for Van Buren County Animal Shelter. We salute these four students for taking action on behalf of Mutt-i-grees!