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Inaugural Class Completes Mutt-i-grees Curriculum Certificate Program at Queens College

Always on the leading edge, the Curriculum took a big step this spring when it joined with City University of New York to offer a 20-hour graduate-level certificate course at Queens College. As part of the college’s Professional and Continuing Studies program, the course attracted an enthusiastic group of teachers, librarians, and school counselors who explored the intellectual principles of the Curriculum, learning how the natural affinity between children and pets is the perfect catalyst for building calm, caring, and compassionate students.

Taught by members of our experienced Mutt-i-grees team, the five-week course included two Saturdays at North Shore Animal League America, where these educators saw for themselves what it means to rescue, nurture, and adopt — and how the next logical step toward a more humane future is education!

Not surprisingly, the participants gave the course rave reviews. Here are just a few of their comments:

  • “This class truly opened my eyes to how animals have such a positive impact, both socially and emotionally, on an individual’s life. Thank you for…giving me an opportunity to learn about a wonderful field I never knew existed.”
  • “This course was really amazing…As a teacher I am excited about learning this new pathway to engage with students, to open their minds and hearts, and allow them to grow in a nonjudgmental atmosphere.”
  • “The instructors were wonderful, extremely kind and compassionate…My dog thanks me for taking this course.”
  • “The trips to North Shore Animal League were icing on the cake.”

Clearly, everyone appreciated the scope and effectiveness of the Curriculum, including Diane Gahagan, Director of Educational Programs at Queens College. “I experienced firsthand what a positive and moving impact the course content and instructional delivery had on the students,” she wrote. “I am certain that our students will put the curriculum to good use in a classroom, library, psychosocial, or community setting…We plan to schedule a second cohort during the fall semester or spring semester of 2016-17.”

During the past six years, we’ve watched our Curriculum become a beloved and powerful tool for change in more than 4,000 schools and educational sites across the country, creating a new generation of compassionate students — the Mutt-i-grees Generation! And now that we’ve taken the Curriculum to the next level — introducing it to educators at teacher training institutions — we’re even more confident that the Mutt-i-grees Curriculum will be opening and changing minds for years to come.