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Mutt-i-grees® in the News Fall 2017

Mutt-i-grees News: Fall 2017

Congratulations Mutt-i-grees!

The Mutt-i-grees Curriculum is recognized globally and
nationally for its impact teaching children to care.

Selected for hundrEd 2017

hundrEd’s 100
Inspiring Global Innovations
in Education 2017


Navigating SEL from the Inside Out

The Wallace Foundation’s
25 Leading SEL Programs


Teaching Rescue Dogs to Be School Dogs

Mutt-i-gree specialists Rosemarie Tombolo and Cory Carr
join forces to build the Mutt-i-grees school dog team!

Teaching Rescue Dogs to be School Dogs


Muttigrees at Home

Muttigrees At Home
for families is here!

Our brand new resource for families is 84 pages of everyday routines and fun activities to do at home that build resiliency and emotional health.


Inspire Thankfulness

Yip Tips are a great feature of our new Muttigrees At Home! Quick activities that teach children appropriate ways to express their emotions, and change negative behaviors into positive behaviors that work better. 

Teachers, give this fun Thanksgiving activity a try!

Collect Grateful Pennies

Welcome Our
2017-18 National Student Ambassadors

This year’s group includes ten new honorees, and three veteran Mutt-i-grees Student Ambassadors: 

2017-2018 National Student Ambassadors

Myleen Acevedo, CA, age 8
Gracie Burnside, OK, age 12
Olivia Casey, OK, age 12
Rosie Ferrell, OK, age 17
Ragan Fletcher, OK, age 18
Madison French, CT, age 16
Gabriel Gutierrez, NY, age 13
Anna Hoffman, CT, age 14
Victoria Landreville, NJ, age 13
McKinney Meek, KY, age 16
Skylie Molina, CA, age 10
Aidan Senior, NY, age 12
Chris Shillinglaw, CT, age 17


Fall 2017: Great Books to Check Out

Get Your Rescue On Gala 2017

Upcoming Events

North Shore Animal League America’s
Get Your Rescue On® Gala 2017

December 1, 2017

Grand Hyatt, New York City

Chancellor Carmen Fariña of the NYC Department of Education will be honored at this event.
Mutt-i-grees educators from Arkansas, Connecticut, and New York will be attending

Let Us Know

Hi! My name is Valerie Law, the new editor of Mutt-i-grees News. I’d love to hear all the creative ways you’re using Mutt-i-grees in the classroom so we can share them with everyone! Email me at: [email protected]

Editor: Valerie Law

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The Mutt-i-grees Curriculum and its ancillary products were developed by Yale University School of the 21st Century in collaboration with The Pet Savers Foundation.