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Reading Therapy Dogs

Many schools and libraries offer programs that allow children to read to dogs. Children who have difficulties reading may be self-conscious when reading aloud in front of others; however, a dog is a non-judgmental listener. Reading to a dog provides a relaxed atmosphere, which allows participants to practice reading skills. It also builds self-esteem and confidence and provides an environment for children to connect reading with a positive association. The presence of a dog provides an opportunity for struggling readers to develop skills and discover the fun of reading.

National Reading Therapy Dog Organizations

Pet Partners (formerly Delta Society):

Therapy Dogs International:


Local Organizations

If there is a local organization in your area that you can recommend, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected]. The following website might be helpful in locating an organization in your area:

Gabriel’s Angels:

Tails of Joy:

New York
Unchained NY:

Rockbridge Dog Rescue:

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