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“Our community has a hard time getting teens in the library; they're very busy kids. So the fact that they came to our
Mutt-i-grees program enthusiastically and left impressed is a big deal to us.”

Teen/Technology Librarian
Glen Rock, NJ

“Mutt-i-grees is a natural fit for public libraries. We are all about having fun, educating and teaching empathy. Mutt-i-grees is also an opportunity to offer creative programming on a shoestring budget.”
Youth Service Librarian
Manassas, VA

“You can use Mutt-i-grees in the Library to support what you are already doing well in your library. It adds an extra dimension to your programming while raising awareness about adoptable pets.”
Youth Services Librarian
Lindenhurst, NY

“The kids really enjoy being a part of something special and meaningful. Knowing they are making a difference in the lives of animals makes them feel extremely proud. Parents are also using Mutt-i-grees as an opportunity to teach their child about love, sharing, responsibility, and compassion. “
Head of Children’s Services
Folsom, PA

“There are great lesson plan ideas and I feel that [Mutt-i-grees] teaches children important lessons in life!”
Children’s Program Coordinator
Mifflinburg, PA

“Kids are naturally generous, warm, caring, and creative and they love dogs. Mutt-i-grees is a natural [fit]! I like the flexibility and variety of programs. It is also a great way to establish connections within your local community. Mutt-i-grees can be implemented in stages; it includes many low-cost and easy programs to implement before taking on some of the larger project ideas. I love watching kids grow through listening to stories and using their creativity to make something that will make a difference. Mutt-i-grees combines two of my loves – dogs and volunteering."
- Youth Librarian
Lake Orion, MI

“Mutt-i-grees programming encourages the community to see libraries as more than just a place for books. It allows libraries to be a place to learn and explore as well, and it is fairly easy to implement the ideas in the binder, while still allowing for personal creativity.”
Youth Services Librarian
Stow, MA

“It is a different type of programming then what is normally offered…I like the idea of doing programs with the teens that allow them to show their compassion to other living things.”
Teen Librarian
Centereach, NY

“I really like the way the activity plans are in a format that I can use in my planning. I love the ideas and resources – they help spark my imagination and lessen the work load. But I have to say that the goals of enhancing children's self and social awareness, relationship skills, and ability to make ethical decisions that benefit people and animals is what really inspires me to use this Mutt-i-grees program.”
Youth Librarian
Silver Lake, KS

“The wealth of materials which are currently included make the program flexible and versatile, and therefore easy for librarians to adapt into their programming based on their community’s needs, schedule and budget.”
Children’s Services Librarian
Wyandanch, NY

“I enjoy the inclusiveness of the program. Not only are children learning respect for animals, but through that they are learning respect for self and others.”
Children’s Librarian
Milford, CT

“I appreciate the variety of activities in terms of age groups and involvement. Some of them are very easy and quick to do.”
School Librarian
Downs, IL

“I love the unique ways in which the programming gets kids excited about learning about other subjects through something they all love - animals! It really deviates from traditional library programming and allows for a lot of opportunity for creativity.”
Children’s Librarian
Centereach, NY

“Kids and reading plus shelter pets is a win-win-win!”
Children’s Librarian
Rocky Hill, CT

“I like bringing the concept of caring for animals and feelings to small children.”
Children’s Librarian
Cadiz, KY

“I really like that the program focuses on emotional intelligence and social-emotional learning, topics I feel should be incorporated more into children’s library programming”
Children’s Services Librarian
Wyandanch, NY

“I like the backpack that can be checked out. We include information for parents as well as suggested activities for families to do at home. We have had very positive feedback.”
Children’s Librarian
Smithtown, NY