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Lake View Terrace, CA - Fenton Avenue Charter School

Follow Me!: A Canine Co-Counselor Joins Instagram

April 2016
Paw-some news - Jeter, a Mutt-i-gree extraordinaire, has joined the world of Instagram! Jeter was adopted from North Shore Animal League America in 2010 by Toni Frear, a guidance counselor from one of our very first Mutt-i-grees school pilot sites. Toni fell in love with the adorable black pup during a visit to NSALA as part of a Mutt-i-grees training and could not leave him behind! She bought him a plane ticket and Jeter made the trip across the country to his new home in California. He has since made a difference in the lives of hundreds of children at the Fenton Charter Schools in the Los Angeles area.

This year, Jeter began working at Fenton Charter Leadership Academy (FCLA), the newest school in the Fenton Charter Public Schools organization. Located in Sun Valley, CA, FCLA serves students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade and develops future leaders by cultivating each child’s social-emotional skills. FCLA implements the Mutt-i-grees Curriculum in all classrooms to teach important social-emotional skills and create calm, confident, caring children. Jeter loves his new school and is currently helping students with their Mission Mutt-i-grees activities. You can follow this amazing dog and keep up-to-date on the great work he does here: @jeter_the_muttigree. Stay tuned for Jeter updates!

Greetings friends,

My name is Jeter and I am a therapy dog. I am a Mutt-i-gree® who was rescued from North Shore Animal League America and now work with Mrs. Frear, a guidance counselor at the Fenton Charter Public Schools in sunny California.

This school year began with the Fenton Charter Public Schools recognizing deserving students with our new "Paws-i-tive Behavior Award." The certificate includes my picture in a new logo! I love to read with our students in the Tail Waggin' Tutors Program and help students calm down when they have difficulty managing their emotions.

I was so excited to have my school picture taken when the students got theirs. It will be included with each child's class picture. I am officially a member of each classroom! Hopefully, when the students share the picture with their families, it will allow for dialog regarding the value of Mutt-i-grees and and encourage families to consider adopting a shelter dog.

My three schools are in the middle of supporting the Mutt-i-grees cause by sponsoring our first Annual Blanket and Animal Supply Drive benefiting the Burbank Animal Shelter and the Blankets of Love Organization. It's all for a good "paws" and near and dear to my heart, since I once counted on the generosity of others. I am truly thankful that I now have a forever home and a meaningful purpose at Fenton Charter Public Schools.

Mrs. Frear enjoyed her winter break, but I wish I could come to school every day!

Yours truly,

Jeter – Our Mutt-i-gree Extraordinaire!
By Toni Frear, School Counselor

Nearly one year ago, members of our school took a trip to the North Shore Animal League America (NSALA) in the hope of learning more about the Mutt-i-grees® Curriculum that we would pilot at our school in Southern California. During our day long visit, we had the opportunity to visit with some of the shelter dogs that were romping in a large exercise/visiting room. One of the small black mutt-i-ree puppies spied us and made a point to introduce himself to each of us by approaching and climbing into our laps. We each noticed his ability to play rambunctiously with the other dogs, yet be gentle and quiet when approaching the group members. We then left to continue listening to the presentation we had come to hear. During the program I kept thinking about this little guy and when I could sneak out and pet him. I had heard his name was, "Jeter", so now I had a name to go with this incredible little puppy. My school administrator, Irene Sumida, was with us that day and when I mentioned how much I was enjoying this puppy and how I kept visiting him when time allowed, she suggested he could possibly work with me in the counseling office at school. Once I knew he could put his sweet, personable skills to a good purpose I decided, with the help of all my friends, to find a way to get him home. It took some incredible help by members of the NSALA, but finally he was sent to L.A. in January of last year. He has been through much training and is INCREDIBLE with all of the children here at Fenton Avenue Charter School. He is our Mutt-i-gree Extraordinaire!


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