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Haverstraw, New York – Gerald Neary Elementary School

Cinderella: No Ordinary Princess!!
By Robin Libow, ESL Teacher

Cinderella Libow, affectionately called Cindy, is a very special Mutt-i-gree dog. Cindy is a 6 year old trained therapy dog. Cindy is a shelter dog that we adopted on Dec. 24, 2004 from North Shore Animal League America.

I often bring her to my ESL classroom to help the students learn many things – including (but not limited to) letters, phonics, reading, writing, math, responsibility, caring, and kindness. This year, Cindy is helping me teach the Mutt-i-grees® Curriculum to my students. Nothing is more exciting than having a real live Mutt-i-gree in the classroom. Cindy loves coming to school! She’s become quite a big part of Gerald Neary Elementary School in Haverstraw, New York.

Cindy, ready to read!

Cindy, with Kindergarten ESL students


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