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Dogs & Cats in the News Archive

Looking for current resources to use in your Mutt-i-grees lessons? Dogs & Cats in the News provides a compilation of news stories featuring dogs and cats that may inspire students to put empathy into action.

Dallas School's Animal Rescue Club Takes in Needy Pets, Finds Homes

The problem arrived on their doorstep. A bruised and starving pit bull wandered onto the campus of Bishop Dunne Catholic School with scars around his neck, cuts on his body, visible ribs and a split paw. A stray Chihuahua befriended a construction crew at the school. A Labrador gave birth to puppies beside the baseball field dugout. Other dogs, some hungry and dehydrated, followed students home. Bishop Dunne responded with the Animal Rescue Club, a student group that takes in animals and finds them homes. The club has rescued more than 100 dogs, cats and other critters, including Mikey the pit bull. (He was named after Michael Jackson because of his white paw.)
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Your Cat's Purr Is More Than What You Think

We all have made the assumption that when we hear the purring of our feline friends, it’s an expression of pleasure or communication. However, have you ever thought about the fact that purring could also be the way our cats are communicating about the stresses in their lives?
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Dog Saves Man Who Fell Outside In The Cold

When Joseph Fox, 78, stepped outside his home he was not wearing a coat or shoes. He only meant to be outside for a minute, but he slipped and fell, leaving him stuck lying on the cold ground. Fox yelled for help for at least 30 minutes, but no one came, until a neighbor let his dog out to use the bathroom. When 6-year-old Angus didn't come back, his owner went looking for him. Fox heard his neighbor's screams and found Angus sitting right there beside him.
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A Quick Guide to Library Cats

Did you know that there are currently over 300 living resident library cats throughout the world today, 200+ of which reside in the US?
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The Best of Friends

Ruth the paralyzed kitten and Idgie the dachshund were found abandoned together at the end of someone's driveway and now they’re inseparable!
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